Los Arrenes de Tarancueña 

Hotel Rural
Habitacion Doble:68 €
Cama Supletoria:18 €
* Double room High Season: 60?
* Double room Low Season: 55?
* Lunch :14?
* Dinner: 14?
* Supplementary bed:12?

High season: Long weekends, Easter, from 1st to 30th of August.

Low Season: rest of the Year.

The price includes breakfast and the VAT.
Special offers for the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago.
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GPS location:   Latitude: 41.33725 - Length: -3.06005
Street address: Plaza Plazuela,7 - 42316 Tarancueña (Soria)

How to arrive

Its geographical situation in WGS84 coordinates is: Length 4 º 56 ' 31.56" West and Latitude 41 º 21 ' 14.93" North. Located in Caracena's Region, it is 82km far form Soria. You accede through the autonomous road SO-135 that joins Retortillo de Soria with the Nacional 110 to Ayllón.

From Madrid it is possible to go through the road of Burgos (N-l), taking the detour to Cerezo de Arriba and continuing for Riaza, Ayllón, Cuevas de Ayllón, Liceras, Montejo, Cañicera and Tarancueña. Or through the road of Barcelona (N-ll), taking the detour to Hita, Jadraque, Atienza; Miedes, Retortillo de Soria and Tarancueña.


It is located in the SouthWest of the province of Soria, in the last foothills of the mountain chains of Pela and Ayllón. They are known such as “the wastelands of Soria”, landscapes of big hardness but of beautiful contrast at the same time and splashed of colorful valleys. There are some crabs in the river and an old beech tree which crowns the village. The parish of our Lady of Remedies is from the XVI century and it keeps a Romanesque baptismal font and Romanesque elements in the triumphal arch as well as some medieval stelas.


* The church of “Our Lady of Remedios”.

* The Christ of Carrasquillo.

* The natural spring of “fuentesanta”.

* The archeologic Celtiberian Romanesque archeologic Site of Tiermes.

* The Medieval Villa of Caracena.

* Rello.

* The Ancient Oak-tree of Valderromán.

* The Oak-tree of Tejera Negra.

* The Black Villages.

* La Fuentona.

* Calatañazor.

* Gormaz.

* Berlanga de Duero.

* Atienza.

* Ayllón.

* The Canyon of River Lobos.

* El Burgo de Osma.

* San Esteban de Gormaz.


Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Mycological routes, Culinary Routes, Wildlife Watching, etc ...

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